View Memory Usage of Each Tab

SUMMARY: Display how much memory Google Chrome and each tab uses in your system.

For those trying to diagnose computer problems when visiting certain resource-intensive websites, or just the merely curious, Google Chrome includes a Task Manager that displays the amount of memory used by the browser and each tab. This way, you can determine if a particular webpage is using too many system resources, possibly slowing your computer down.

And if you want extra information, a "Stats for nerds" screen shows the process IDs of each tab, virtual memory usage, and more.

The basic Task Manager can be accessed in one of the following ways:

A. Right-click the top of the Google Chrome window and choose "Task Manager".

B. Press Shift + Esc.

C. Click the "Control the Current Page" button, select "Developer", then "Task Manager".

Accessing the Google Chrome Task Manager via the "Control the Current Page" button

When the "Task Manager - Google Chrome" dialog box appears you can view a basic display of system resources used by the browser and each tab. Or, for more detailed information, click the Stats for nerds button.

The detailed stats (also accessible by entering about:memory in the URL bar) displays:

1. Private, shared, and total memory usage for the browser and associated processes

2. Private and mapped virtual memory for the browser and associated processes

3. Process ID for each process

Also, as noted in the below screenshot, if you have Mozilla Firefox open some information will be displayed for this browser as well.

Sample output of the about:memory or "Stats for nerds" feature

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