Green Poison: Top Five Percent of Unlimited Data Users Being Throttled By Verizon

Verizon has started to restrict the user's data is limited data from higher consumption. The policy now is to identify customers who meet the description. Skills optimization effect on Verizon's network when the device or smart phone using the internet feature or plan by the deadline will be at five percent above and cell sites to be filled. Without doubt, this is not the same type of regulation that uses AT and T or T-Mobile users face. Regulation is initiated when you press the limits of fair use.
IF you are a Verizon customer, this occurs when using 3G mobile cramped quarters. If you use more than a certain amount each month, for example, 2 GB, then the company I recommend you use a 4G device or using Wi-Fi. So it seems a fair policy regarding the practice of throttling customers. To be fair, if it uses 2 GB per month, you will see slow download speeds and under. If you are on 3G networks, in very tight, the speed is also slower.
Frankly, I think the rules are far more fair than any other political bottlenecks that are currently in place with other operators. Some rules are really unfair. Verizon is expected to occur following the rules in vogue and it is expected that for a long time now. What are your thoughts on the matter or regulations?

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