Keep Your Computer Safe with KidSafe

Summary : Learn how to keep your computer safe with KidSafe.

Have you ever felt annoying of your little childrens' making trouble (Like they always play with the keyboard but actually they don't know what they do. Just for fun!) expecially when you really want to keep your computer, files and settings safe.Now I will show you how to keep your computer safe with KidSafe.

Note: There are two versions available, a regular zip file setup and a portable apps version. Here we use the portable one.

I think the great thing about the newest version of KidSafe is that it comes in that wonderful portableapps.com format so that it can go where you go.

You can see the “Program Folder” has the usual contents. Place the folder in a convenient location or you can choose to create a shortcut where you are ready to go.

You will see this when the program starts because this software is still new to the portable apps format.


KidSafe in Action

Once you start KidSafe, your screen will be “covered” while setting the program up. There are two menus (Tools and Help) in the upper left corner. Tthe “Tool Menu” will require the password that you will set up for KidSafe. So you will not worry that your young child can easily go in and change your settings.

A closer look at the active part of the screen shown above. Just click on “OK” to get started with the options/setup.

Here, there are three options/setup windows for KidSafe. Iin the first one you can change any settings that you feel necessary for keys, keyboard combinations, Task Manager access, etc. In this test, we choose to “locked” the “Windows Key” because it was not a keyboard combination.

Note: Highlight/select existing entries from the right side to change them.

If you want to get more information about a particular setting, just hover your mouse over the yes/no blank and then a tooltip with a description of what the setting does will appear.

In the second window, you will need to select the “KidSafe Mode” that best suits your needs. Of course, you may also choose a specific wallpaper background (.bmp, .jpg, or .png format) if desired or let KidSafe use a default one (leave it blank).

In the screenshot below are the “KidSafe Mode” choices available in the drop down menu.
The final window will be where you set up your password for KidSafe. Just click “Finish” if you have done.
After you click “Finish” in the options/settings, KidSafe will be active. Here we gave the keyboard a “pretty rough go” on our system and KidSafe did a perfect job. Actually the only way we got back into the system was to use the password.

Note: This is not the default wallpaper for KidSafe.
Note :To unlock KidSafe you will need to enter your password and click on “OK”. Hitting “Enter” will not work.

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