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email No doubt, Windows 7 has got notice of a enormous figure of geeks. After Windows Xp, it's predictable to be a big hit. Here, at TrickyWays, we determination try to mark each instructions on Windows 7 for you guyz to get the the majority out of it.

Windows 7 moderator by means of a huge new HomeGroup characteristic so as to construct sharing records and printers recognized by Windows 7 feature PC's extremely easy. Let's study how to split records and printer by,by means of Windows 7 HomeGroup.

Sharing printers and folder in Windows 7 HomeGroup involves 3 steps:

  1. Setting up HomeGroup
  2. Connecting to HomeGroup
  3. Share Printer and Files
Lets get started…

1- Setting up HomeGroup


To setup you HomeGroup in Windows 7, Go to Start menu and kind homegroup in Windows 7 Search bar.



Go to

Start > Control Panel

click Choose homegroup and sharing options

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.



On the after that screen, clack on the Create a homegroup button.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (2)


Under Create a Homegroup casement create sure mark what you desire to split by means of by means of network. Click Next button.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (3)


Now you determination get a password. This password determination be second-hand in arrange to add additional equipment to by means of HomeGroup by means of whom you desire to split records and printers.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (4)


After noting downward the password. Click Finish button.

You determination be corporation rear to the homegroup screen, anywhere you can create extra profits if you desire.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (5)

2- Connecting to HomeGroup:


From all persons PC's so as to you desire to connect to network organization Windows 7, go to HomeGroup (as usually beneath step1 of on top of part) and hit Join Now button.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (6)


Now you determination be prompted for a password. Input the password so as to we got as,at the same time as taste the HomeGroup.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (7)


If you contain entered the correct password, You determination productively link the HomeGroup.

Hit Finish button.

share-files-printers-windows-7-homegroup (8)

3- Sharing Files and Printers

In arrange to split printer, create certain you contain chosen Printer sharing alternative as,at the same time as taste HomeGroup. Now, go to Devices and Printers as of create menu and can set by means of non-payment device as of there.

That's it. Now you determination be clever to by means of no trouble split records and printers recognized by Windows 7 feature computers.

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