Add Color Coding to Windows 7 Media Center Program Guide

Are you looking for a way to help organize your channel guide in Windows 7 Media Center? Today we'll show you how to quickly and easily add color coding by category to your channel guide.

Add Color Coding

Applying color coding is a cool way to help identify the content of each channel. To add color coding open up Windows Media Center and go to Tasks > Settings.

Then click on TV

Now, when you access your program guide, the TV listings will be nicely color coded.


Media Center color codes your channel guide by the following 5 program categories.

ColorProgram Category
Dark BlueSports
Light BlueKids shows
GreenNews Shows

This is another nice little addition to your Windows Media Center setup that adds visual appeal and brings your Media Center closer to the true DVR experience. Also make sure to check out our previous article where we showed you how to add Network logos to your channel guide in Windows 7 Media Center.

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