Wait for Unlock iPhone 4 4.3.3 Baseband 04.10.01 will be Over Soon

Baseband 04.10.01 Unlock iPhone 4 4.3.3
The jailbreak community and development team is committed to all efforts to increase the jailbreak and unlock tool. Compared to unlock, jailbreak is easier to handle and once the development team to identify vulnerabilities in the jailbreak software can be developed. Unlocking the other hand is difficult because of the firmware, all affect IOS and baseband unlock solution. Limesn0w Ultrasn0w and is a popular way of unlocking and the development team focused on developing iPhone 4.3.3 unlock baseband 4:10:01 4.
Ultrasn0w Unlocking baseband 04.10.01
At present, offering ultrasn0w iPhone unlock four runs on IOS 4.3.3 and lower, but the software works only to unlock more basebands. To use the unlocking tool, the user must use software jailbreak redsn0w to jailbreak your iPhone so tethered or untethered, without updating the baseband. On the iPhone 3G/3GS, nakalalait band is possible, but can cause loss of function with respect to GPS. Those with ultrasn0w 4:10:01 band is not available until now.
New unlock iPhone 4 4.3.3. baseband 04.10.01 is on its way
Latest updates. Ultrasn0w able to unlock the iPhone 4 in 4.3.3, but only in relation to the previous version compatibility issue, therefore, the band should keep their fingers crossed 4:10:01 a little more like unlocking software Limesn0w underway. The iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team has notified users that the iPhone unlocking software on the road. Now IOS 5 is released and the iPhone 4S is also available, people jailbreak community to operate more efficiently to achieve the unlock tool to unlock the iPhone 4 in the new IOS and the new band.

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