How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S with TinyUmbrella

Jailbreak iPhone 4S with TinyUmbrella
TinyUmbrella has not been updated to work with jailbreak iPhone 4S. However, it helps you to jailbreak IOS 4.2.1 the iPhone. You will be able to preserve your baseband with the help of the iPhone 4. Then you need to use Greenpois0n to jailbreak the iPhone. The latest version of Greenpois0n help you jailbreak your iPhone with IOS 4 4.2.1. When using TinyUmbrella, which is not required to FW 4.2.1 action to update your band. TinyUmbrella will work for you. And do not lose the ability to unlock the iPhone.
TinyUmbrella iPhone 4S Jailbreak
You will need to download and install the first TinyUmbrella. Then, to download the IOS 4.2.1. Start the server TSS after TinyUmbrella finished loading. You need to start iTunes now. Your next step will prompt you to connect your iPhone to your computer. It is necessary to restore the 4.2.1 baseband. It shows you a message saying "Error 1013". Do not panic after watching as usual. You must put your iPhone in DFU mode now. Now, here's a tutorial Greenpois0n able to jailbreak the iPhone 4.
iPhone 4S Jailbreak TinyUmbrella
Apple does not let you down once the firmware is updated. However, TinyUmbrella help in this case. SHSH blobs TinyUmbrella save on your computer and Cydia server. SHSH drops signature files. Once saved, you can download the previous firmware whenever you want. Wait for sometime before getting the software to operate the iPhone 4S.

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