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email If you contain together Mac and PC and desire to manage Mac shape PC at petroleum time is the easy and simple way to do that. This direct is written by,by means of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and together computer are on similar network. But you can use additional Windows account similar to Vista or XP as healthy to correct of entry Mac remotely.

On Mac OS X:


Click on “Apple” icon and select “System Preferences”

Mac scheme  preferences

Click on “Sharing” icon

Mac Sharing


Click the “Screen Sharing” create sure box, Note downward the IP talk to as in underneath monitor blast “″ by means of IP talk to may be different. Click on “Computer Settings” button as exposed below.

Enable monitor  sharing on mac

Check the “VNC viewer…” create sure box,  enter a password for it and clack “OK” button (you determination enter petroleum password at what time try to correct of entry Mac as of PC).

Settings for VNC


On Windows:

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Download petroleum TightVNC for Windows on by means of PC (Download a stable version.)


Install TightVNC, throughout fitting wizard merely select “TighVNC Viewer” on “Select Components” screen. Don't install the TightVNC Server, we don't require that.

TightVNC setup


Run TightVNC and enter the IP talk to of Mac computer (noted in step-2) and hit “Connect” button (Explore the “Options” button).

TightVNC connection

Enter password so as to you setup on Mac in step-2 and hit “OK” button

VNC Authentication

You are done! you contain remotely accessed Mac as of PC.

Remotely correct  of entry  Mac on PC

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