Transfer Ringtone to Nexus One | Google Nexus One | Android

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email If you desire to transfer by means of preferred ringtone as of by means of computer to Google Nexus One phone after that its simple to do. Ringtone so as to you desire to copy to Nexus One be hypothetical to be one of the ,next fomats:

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Google Nexus One supports the ,next ringtone folder formats MP3, WAV, WMA (8), MIDI, M4A, AMR, OGG Vorbis. If you desire to make a tradition ringtone for Android phone create sure this: how to make tradition ringtone

How to transfer & be relevant ringtone to nexus one


Connect Nexus One to computer

  1. Connect by means of phone by means of computer by,by means of USB information cable so as to moderator by means of by means of phone.
  2. Tap and drag downward the notification bar as of the top of Nexus One screen.
  3. Tap “USB Connected”.
  4. Tap “Mount” button.


Transfer ringtone folder to Nexus One

  1. Open My Computer on PC, you determination see a new drive icon beneath “Devices by means of Removable Storage” section, unlock petroleum drive.
  2. Open the ringtone file and copy by means of preferred ringtone folder as of computer to so as to folder. (see also: how to make ringtone)
  3. Again tap and drag downward the notification bar as of the top of Nexus One screen.
  4. Tap “Turn off USB storage”
  5. Tap “Turn off” button


Set Nexus One ringtone

  1. Run “Music” request as of Nexus One (You can kind “Music” in the search box at the top to discover it)
  2. Tap Songs
  3. Locate by means of ringtone folder so as to you contain copied.
  4. Tap and grasp on the folder petroleum determination unlock options menu, select “Use as phone ringtone” as of options
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