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email We by now written how to make tradition ringtone for iPhone and now see how to make tradition SMS tones for iPhone. There are concerning six SMS tones in iPhone and we determination put back one of obtainable iPhone SMS tone by means of our own tradition SMS tone. In petroleum direct you determination see how to make a custom SMS tones for iPhone by,by means of iTunes and after that how to copy SMS ringtone to iPhone.

custom-sms-tones-iphoneNote: Your iPhone have to be jailbroken to copy SMS tones, See how to jailbreak iPhone.


Download iTunes, install it, Run it.


Click on “Edit” menu and select “Preferences”.


Hit “Import settings” button.


Change “Import Using” alternative to “AIFF Encoder” and hit “OK” button.



Open music / song folder in iTunes as of construct you desire to extract SMS ringtone.

Now engage in recreation the folder and note the create and discontinue occasion (5 seconds) of the music you desire to extract and use as SMS tone for iPhone.



Right-click on the folder and select “Get Info”.



How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Click on “Options” tab and enter the create and discontinue occasion so as to you contain noted.



Now right-click on the folder and select “Create AIFF Version”.


You determination become aware of a new folder determination be shaped in iTunes. This new folder is extracted account as of unique folder normal to by means of create and discontinue time. We determination transfer petroleum to iPhone as a SMS ringtone.



Select, Drag and fall petroleum AIFF account of the folder on by means of desktop.



Make certain folder extensions are not hidden on by means of computer and after that rename folder to precisely sms-received6.caf name.

If records extensions are hidden, see how to demonstrate it.

Windows XP : Double clack on “My Computer”. Click on “Tools” menu after that “Folder Options”. Select “View tab” and uncheck the “Hide extension for recognized folder types” option. Click “OK” button

Windows Vista/7 : Click on “Start Button”. Type “Folder Options” in Search field and clack on “Folder Options” on top of in Search results. Click on “View” tab and un-check the “Hide extension for recognized folder types” alternative in Advanced settings. Click OK button


So you contain productively shaped a custom SMS ringtone for iPhone.


Now see how to copy SMS tones to iPhone 4.

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