iOS 5 New Features List | iPad

email Apple announced completely new iOS at WWDC 2011 and additional concerning 200 new skin in iOS 5 and pending petroleum Fall. Here we mark a number of of the main new skin obtainable in iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 5 new features

iOS 5 New Features

Notification Center

This determination stay path of all notifications at one place, similar to missed calls, messages, stocks, weather, etc.

Notification center

Notifications determination displayed on the lock-screen, and you can swipe the icon as of absent to correct (as you do to unlock the screen) to sight it.

Lock monitor  notifications

If you are in,within any, swipe downward as of top of the monitor to sight all notifications. Tap on any notification determination get you directly to so as to application.

iOS 5 New Features List | iPad


Now you can propel text, photos, videos, contacts and care for to any iOS 5 device linked in excess of Wi-Fi or 3G.


In petroleum new iOS 5 app, you can run by means of each day existence labor smartly by taste location-aware to-do lists.
It syncs by means of iCal, Outlook and iCloud crossways all iOS devices, profits you complete determination update mechanically on all devices.



System broad Twitter integration, now you can tweet directly as of Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, Maps and additional apps



Camera button additional on the lock screen
Now in,within camera app you can get pictures by means of the volume-up button
Pinch to zoom, grid lines to compose a high-quality blast and still lock center and exposure as well

Lock monitor  camera button

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Take pictures by means of  quantity  button


Enhance photos, remove red-eye, crop and rotate. All petroleum is in,within Photos app.

New image enhancement and editing options


Reader in,within Safari remove all the clutter and demonstrate you the happy you want.
Using reader you can save favorite to appreciate writing it later.
Using tabs on iPad, you can go,shift recognized by let quickly

Reader in Safari


Rich book editing, arrangement you book by,by means of Bold, Italic or Underline fonts. Text indentation, Flag significant mail and Search in the corpse of messages

iOS 5 New Features List | iPad


Newsstand grip all magazine and newspaper subscriptions at one put and lets you subscribe for additional easily.


Wi-Fi Sync

Now you don't contain to plug-in by means of device by means of computer to get backup or sync by means of iTunes.

PC Free

Now you can setup by means of iDevice with no attention a computer. Download and update iOS directly on by means of device.

Computer gratis  setup

Split Keyboard

Split keyboard on iPad by Swiping downward by means of four fingers, create base to grasp and type.

iOS 5 Split keyboard

AirPlay Mirroring

Using AirPlay mirroring you can split all you do on iPad 2, correct on by means of big monitor TV, wirelessly. You can sight Pictures, Videos, engage in recreation Games, etc.

Airplay mirroring

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