How To Fix A Blue Screen On Windows 7

What’s the worst thing that could happen when you’re working on your computer? Yes, it is the appearance of the ‘blue screen of death’ error which drives every Windows user insane, some news portals reported that the most common reason of computers being destroyed is the ‘blue screen’, and some might say that the ‘blue screen’ is the trademark of Windows computers.
The reasons of why the ‘blue screen’ appears are multiple, it might appear because your system has a hardware incompatibility or some files of your Windows 7 OS are corrupted and need to be repaired. This post contains a few fixes for the blue screen no to appear again and before you start performing any task you need to remove all DVDs, CDs and floppy disks from your computer. So, check the below solutions for fixing a blue screen in Windows 7 :

Start Windows 7 In Safe Mode

  1. - Power On your computer and you need to tap the F8 button until the Windows logo is displayed. Now you will be taken to the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  2. - Select ‘Safe Mode’ from there and hit the Enter key. Now you’re computer will be booted into Safe Mode. By using Safe Mode you will use the computer with various functions limited.
  3. - Now you can use the Safe Mode to try and find the problem that causes the blue-screen to appear.


Fix Blue Screen with the Startup Repair mode

  1. - Power On your system and press the F8 key to enter in Advanced Boot Options.
  2. - Now choose the ‘Repair Your Computer’ option and hit Enter. Select the keyboard layout you want to use and press ‘Next’.
  3. - Select ‘Startup Repair’ and follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen to solve the problems which cause the blue-screen to appear.

Fix Blue Screen error by restoring your system to a previous healthy state

  1. - Power On your PC and press F8 key for the Advanced Boot Options Menu to appear.
  2. - Choose ‘Repair Your Computer’ from the displayed menu and hit Enter key. Select the keyboard layout you want to use and press ‘Next’.
  3. - Choose ‘System Restore’ option which is displayed in the System Recovery Options menu. After that you need to follow the instructions on how to restore your system onto a previous healthy point before the blue screen appeared.
I hope some of this methods managed to solve the problems for you and that now you’re able to enjoy working on your computer without worrying that the blue screen error might re-appear.

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