How to Enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7 | Quick Launch Bar on Taskbar | Windows 7

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email The Taskbar in Windows 7 has a lot of interesting new features. It has the aptitude to dock substance on it construct inexpensive the Taskbar and Quick Launch feature. But you strength miss the typical Quick Launch Bar so as to we contain in previous Windows. Although so as to you actually do not require it by means of Windows 7, attention the Quick Launch skin by means of the new task bar in Windows 7. But if you now can’t live with no typical Quick Launch bar in Windows 7, after that here’s the way to get rear the Quick Launch on Windows 7 Taskbar.

This is come again? you determination get following ,next ladder scarcity below:


How to Add Quick Lauch to the Taskbar in Windows 7

To add Quick Launch bar to the taskbar in Windows 7, satisfy go after as,at the same occasion as steps:

Right-click on the Taskbar (Uncheck: ‘Lock the Taskbar’) and go to

Toolbars >> New Toolbar…


Copy & Paste the ,next trail eager on the Address bar and hit enter button.

%appdata%MicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch

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enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (1)

After urgent the enter button, file trail determination seem similar to this:

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (2)

Now Click Select Folder button and you determination become aware of so as to the Quick Launch bar is now additional to the correct surface of Windows 7 Taskbar.

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (4)

To contain it on the absent surface as it was in the preceding versions of Windows; just clack and drag the dotted row and drag the Quick Launch bar to the the majority absent of the Taskbar (next to Start button). You determination be clever to drag it merely if you contain unlocked the Taskbar as instructed in Step 1.

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (5)

You determination become aware of so as to Quick Launch bar recreation together Text and Images. To remove the book and demonstrate merely the inside of the Quick Launch bar, correct clack on dotted row to the absent of the Quick Launch and deselect Show Text and Show Title.

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (6)

Finally, you contain by means of Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7 similar as so as to in previous versions:

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (7)

To lock the Taskbar, correct clack on it, and enable the option “Lock the Taskbar” by clicking on it.

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