How To Enable Night-Reading Mode In Any App

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The new account of iBooks free yesterday luckily a cool nighttime interpretation theme, construct construct interpretation books in the dark base on the eyes.

It counting contain person's name nice if present was a way to the enable petroleum theme crossways apps genuine the Mail app, RSS reader app similar to Reeder etc.

  Amit Agarwal in excess of at Digital Inspiration has a neat tip to do precisely that. His tip enables night-reading mode in any app. It is not the similar as the nighttime interpretation theme as the book by,by means of the theme is greyish whereas the book by means of petroleum deception is white, but it is a neat workaround.

Here's a easy step-by-step direct to enable the nighttime mode on any app:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Then go to General -> Accessibility -> Triple-click Home
  • Here select Toggle White on Black as of the catalog of options
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That's it. Now at what time you triple clack the Home button in any app, it determination invert the insignia and show the book in pallid on a black background.

As Agarwal mark out, the merely downside of petroleum deception is so as to it doesn't labor healthy by means of images as contain seem similar to photograph negatives. But it is not too a great deal of an hassle as you can forever button rear by means of triple clack of the Home button if you desire to see images.

As always, let us be acquainted with come again? you believe concerning petroleum iPhone tip in the comments. If you've a jailbroken iOS device after that checkout f.lux - a jailbreak app so as to adjusts the color of by means of iPhone's show to improved twist out to be accustomed to the occasion of the day.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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