Green Poison: The 8 Best Repository for Cydia (iPhone iPad)

The 8 Best Repository for Cydia. With them to maximize all the potential alternative to the App Store has to offer. Viva Cydia ! If you just made ​​Jailbreak your iPad this article interests you, a lot.

But let's start with the basics: What is a repository to Cydia?
Is understood as a storage repository for a group of applications that can be downloaded and installed on the iPad from Cydia.

Once you know this, we will talk about the best we've found.

The 8 Best Cydia Repository:

  • http://cydia.hackulo.us/
  • http://apt.macosmovil.com/
  • http://cydia.xsellize.com/
  • http://iphoneame.com/repo/
  • http://repo.insanelyi.com/
  • http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/
  • http://ihackstore.com/repo
  • http://repo.clubifone.com/ (thanks Javier for the warning)
Ah ... Do not know how to add a repository to Cydia ? Read

How to Add a Cydia Repository:

1. Run the application Cydia on your iPad and tap "Sources".

Green-Poison:-The-8-Best-Repository-for-Cydia-(iPhone-iPad)2. Touch the button "Edit" button at the top right:

3. Now knock the "Add" links at the top left:

4. Add the URL of the repository you want to add (any of the ones mentioned above will do) and tap on "Add Source"
5. Ready! You've added a repository to Cydia. Simple, right?

If you want to add more repositories Cydia have to repeat all the steps from step 1 for each of the repositories you want to add.
Important Note: To make the application available in Cydia iPad is necessary that you do Jailbreak iPad. Do not know how?

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