How to Modify the Icon of an .Exe File

Let's face it: some applications just have really ugly icons. We can do something about that and change the ugly icons into something more pleasing and amp up your geek skills at the same time. Here's how.

Editor's Note: You should make sure to backup the application .exe file before you modify the icon, just in case.

Changing the Icon for an Application

The first thing that you will have to do is download yourself a free copy of Resource Hacker. Once installed it adds an option to the context menu. So lets get hacking!

Now you need to locate the executable of the program that you want to change the icon for. If you have a shortcut in the start menu, you can right click on it and select the Open file location… option.

Once you have located the executable, right click on it, and choose the “Open using Resource Hacker” option.

Click on the Action menu and click on the Replace Icon link.

When the dialog pops-up click on the button to locate a new icon, this can either be a *.exe, *.dll, *.res or *.ico file.

Once you have selected your icon, hit the replace button in the bottom right hand corner. Now select the File menu, and save the file.

And that’s its folks, all done.

If you have any problems opening the application after, you can restore it from the original file - or that backup you created, right?

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