Green Poison: Unlock iPhone 3GS: Before and After the Process

Unlock the iPhone 3G is a process that aims to help remove the restrictions that Apple is set to all of its smartphone models. Therefore, all iPhone owners can use the phone to the SIM card on any network and the limited availability of sensible applications that Apple does not offer. Unlocking the iPhone 3G band depending on your phone or modem firmware.
To see if you can make the process of opening the iPhone 3G on the device or not, you have to launch the settings by clicking the phone icon. Then, press the "General" and then "About" button. Go to the lowest area of ​​the page "About" and pay attention to the amount of "modem firmware". After taking notes, you can search online for the software to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G, which is compatible with iPhone firmware version. It is necessary to ensure that your smartphone can jailbreak or unlock. Once we know the iPhone can be unlocked, you can find a reliable software to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G.
After the process of opening the iPhone 3G, the next question might be: How to update the new iPhone 3G unlocked? You can upgrade the software to improve performance of your iPhone 3G. You can download the latest version of the software directly to your iPhone, via the Internet. You can open iTunes and then connect your phone to your PC via a USB cable. In iTunes, select your smartphone from the list of "Devices" and select "Summary" and click "Check for Updates". When you update, follow the instructions to install, and before unlocking the iPhone 3G is considered useful proces.

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