How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S/4 iOS 4.3.5/5 using BlackRa1n

BlackRa1n Unlock iPhone 4S/4 iOS 4.3.5/5
Geohot come with the new iPhone 4S / 4 jailbreak tool known as the blackra1n. There are several things you should know about this tool before using it. Can not open the iPhone 4S / 4 with the help of this tool. It is specifically designed to remove the iPhone. This article will give step by step guide to disassemble the iPhone using blackra1n.
Jailbreak iPhone 4S/4 iOS 4.3.5/5
The first thing you have to do is update iTunes to the latest version. You then have to restart your computer. From the download page iPhone 4s / 4, you will need to download the tool blackra1n jailbreak. You need to install and then restart the computer. The restart should be done as a precaution.
Unlock iPhone with BlackRa1n
Next you need to connect the iPhone 4S / 4 to the computer via a USB cable. Blackra1n You need to start it. You will find a "choice ra1n do." Click on the option and wait. The iPhone will go into recovery mode after this step. When the tool runs on the iPhone blackra1n 4s / 4, restart iPhone 4S / 4. A new icon appears in the iPhone springboard 4S / 4 blackra1n call. You must have an Internet connection on the iPhone 4s / 4. The next step is to launch the blackra1n.
You need to select the installation application of your choice. Cydia is the best choice you can make. After completing the installation, a springboard icon on the iPhone 4s / 4 Cydia. Blackra1n uninstall applications from the iPhone 4s / 4. Restart your iPhone 4S / 4. The process of jailbreaking your iPhone 4S / 4 is not complete.

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