34 Favorite Windows 7 Tips

I arranged 34 my favorite windows 7 tips for you. These tips are exclusive and enhance your user experience to use windows 7 efficiently. The tips detail is as below.

34 Favorite Windows 7 Tips

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 1

  • Access to hidden international topics, simply type C: Windows Globalization MCT in the search field and type. You will see a folder other topics countries.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 2

  • Disk repair system immediately after install only if you have problems booting Win7 later. Just go to Start, maintenance, creating a system repair disk, and then Windows 7 will build a bootable emergency disk.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 3

  • Windows 7 WordPad is a new format, you can save and open, now you can save or open a Word2007. Docx and Open Document. ODT format.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 4

  • Use BitLocker To Go to encrypt data on USB memory stick or other removable media, with a digital certificate or a password for access.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 5

  • Right-click an empty part of the desktop in Windows 7, and, instead of needing to pass through the monitor setup, you will find the menu to set the screen resolution.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 6

  • Install the best free antivirus / Security Suite for Windows 7. Just install Microsoft’s own Security Essentials, free, fast and does a good job.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 7

  • Make wallpapers slideshow, Once you have selected as your desktop background image just hold down the CTRL key and select as many images as you want. Then choose how to delay the changes, and even select the shuffle, and enjoy.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 8

  • Right click the Explorer icon on the taskbar to get quick access to the folder Windows, documents and photographs.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 9

  • Install Win7 on a netbook with a USB stick. Take a 4GB USB 2.0 Flash / thumb drive and format it in FAT32, then just copy an ISO image to the flash drive with xcopy d: e: / d / e (where d: is the DVD drive, E: is the usb drive space).

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 10

  • Windows logo + G appears in front of other windows gadgets

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 11

  • Windows 7 includes a major task preview feature was, is, if you roll over open programs’icon in the taskbar, the preview comes up and where you can switch to, or even close the program. By default, you have to mouse over the icon for a short time (400milliseconds) for it to appear. I want it a bit faster and you can make it through a registry change. Just get into regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control Panel -> Mouse. Double-click Mouse Hover Time, and set the value in milliseconds (say, 200) for what you want. Click OK and exit and restart.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 12

  • Windows logo + zoom +

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 13

  • Change the power switch. Windows 7 appears to exclude the button from the Start menu, but change it into something else just right-click the Start Orb, select Properties, and then boot off of what you want.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 14

  • ALT + P Show or hide the preview pane of Explorer

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 15

  • Windows-logo + – Loitonna

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 16

  • You Don’t need a separate burner to burn the ISO images any more, Windows 7 now supports this. Just right click the ISO file and click Burn Disc Image, and easier to just double-click the ISO.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 17

  • Calibrate your screen by typing dccw in the Start menu. The steps you through the adjustment of gamma, brightness, contrast and color of your screen.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 18

  • Show hidden stations. Win7 will no longer appear stations (eg, mem cards), if they’re currently empty. If you want to see them go to Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, Show and Hide empty floppy drive in your computer folder.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 19

  • You’ve already got an app open on your desktop and you want to copy half run, just Shift-click the icon in the taskbar and it opens a new one. Another way (and easier), the middle-click the taskbar icon.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 20

  • Cttune.exe run to tune the Clear Type font display. You get the text looking perfect on your screen.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 21

  • If you are often the same folder, right-click in Explorer Favorites on the left menu, and choose Bookmark. It seems at the bottom of your Favorites list for quick access.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 22

  • You can reorder the system tray icons, just drag them into the order you want on the tray, or you can even move out (and back) the tray.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 23

  • Windows 7 will automatically reduce screen brightness after a period of inactivity (a bit like mobile phones do), but Windows 7 adapted to your business. For example, if the screen is dampened after 30 seconds and you move the mouse once to illuminate the screen, Windows 7 will wait 60 seconds before dimming the screen again. Well when you look at the video – actually, I am sure my Vista makes it.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 24

  • If you have Windows Live Messenger from the toolbar and back into the system tray where it should be shut down Windows Live Messenger and edit the shortcut properties by choosing to run in Windows Vista Compatibility Mode.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 25

  • For Windows 7 Start Menu is the default power option, a simple down and that’s what I want. Bit, if you want something else, you can easily change the default to switch users, log off, lock, restart, or sleep. All you do is right-click the Start button, Properties, Start Menu tab, select the Power button action you want. Much better than how to change the shutter button in Vista

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 26

  • Add videos to the Start menu by simply right-click the Start button, select Properties and then click Customize. Select Display as a link in the Videos section near the bottom.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 27

  • Rearrange the taskbar by dragging them into whatever order you want. And you can start the first five icons with a button: just press the Windows-1, window 2, etc.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 28

  • With this windows 7 tips you disable / remove IE8 in Windows 7. Click on the Start menu and go to Control Panel and find Programs and Features. Click the Windows features on or off link on the left and remove the checkmark next to Internet Explorer 8.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 29

  • Turn Your Laptop Into Windows 7 Wi-Fi hotspots. Microsoft’s Windows 7 has something called Virtual WiFi, which makes a wireless card to act as several separate one. Just go and use free software Connectify and make you the notebook / laptop / netbook in a Wi-Fi hotspot for free.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 30

  • Control Panel has a new tool that allows you to save your username and password, the name is Credential Manager. These identities are stored in a vault, which can be backed up.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 31

  • Install Windows 7 on your Netbook. Use ImgBurn Setup convert DVD to an ISO. Copy the ISO to a USB flash drive using Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. Restart the netbook and boot from the USB mem button and follow the instructions to install.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 32

  • You can move windows between multiple monitors, but to minimize or shrink the window first.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 33

  • Shake off Aero in Windows 7. Run regedit.exe and find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Policies Microsoft Windows, right-click the Windows key and create a new key called Explorer, right-click on the right and create a new 32 — bit DWORD with this data Name: No shortcuts minimize window, Value: 1.


  • Pin Up the folders you use most on your taskbar. Hold your mouse over the folder, click and drag it to the taskbar. Windows 7 pins automatically to the Explorer Jump List.

Favorite Windows 7 Tips # 34

 34 Favorite Windows 7 Tips

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