Setup Parental Controls in Windows 7

If you need to monitor your computer in Windows 7, such as applications, games, email, media and website-filtering, try parental controls without any third-party software.

How to Access/Enable the Parental Controls:

Click the Start button --> Control Panel(By All Items) --> the parental controls icon --> the Windows accounts list in the Parental Controls screen window --> Select an account --> In the user's parental control settings, check the "On, Enforce Current Settings" option --> cilck the OK button.
Now the chosen account is enabled the parental controls.

If you have kids needing to use PCs, you can setup windows 7 parental control for your kids account like :

1.Time Limits: Let kids to use computer in Saturday and Sunday.
2.Allow and Block specific Programs.
3.Games: Restrict kids not to play any games.

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