Common Problems with 802.11 Wireless

1. Inability to Connect and the wireless doesn’t receive the single.

1) It could be the Wireless adapter driver issue. Upgrade the latest driver. Or use Microsoft Wireless Zero Configuration service.
2) You may need to update the software or firmware in your wireless router or access point.
3) Changing wireless networking channels.
4) Incorrect configuration. The mismatch might be in the form of different authentication settings, incompatible equipment, or other configuration issues.
5) Check access control (MAC) address filtering.
6) The wireless AP and wireless network adapter are not using the same 802.11 standard (for example, you are using an 802.11b network adapter and a 802.11a wireless AP)
7) The wireless radio button on the computer might be in the off position

2. Intermittent Connectivity and the most common scenario is an automatic disconnect about every 3 minutes.
1) 802.1X authentication is enabled for wireless network that does not support 802.1X authentication. You may disable 802.1X authentication.
2) The computer is running Microsoft wireless software and wireless manufacturer software.
3) Disable IPv6.
4) Disable NIC power management
5) Re-set NIC speed.
6) Radio frequency (RF) interference from nearby devices such as cordless phone and Bluetooth devices
7) Outdated wireless network adapter driver

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