Green Poison: Apple Hires Comex

If you are a homeowner iDevice and we are proud to have jailbreak, then there is no way that you are not familiar with Comex, the man behind the immensely popular tool for jailbreaking. JailbreakMe based IOS devices. In a recent news story, it is known that the age of 19 years friend, Nicholas Allegra, or Comex, has been hired by Apple.
This was disclosed by none other than man himself. Announced in this Twitter account saying "So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple." If you are thinking of Comex had requested an internship at Apple, and luckily got in, you're wrong. Apple offered the job and accepted work.
This is not the first time Apple has hired someone from the community to escape from prison, we have seen Apple's hiring of Peter Hajas after adjusting MobileNotifier became a success. Now, Comex is expected to be fixing the security holes found in the IOS, which has been operated for jailbreking. It's a great loss to the jailbreak community safe.

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