Green Poison: AptBackup – Avoid any Application Loss after Upgrading Firmware in Your Jailbroken iPhone

AptBackup – When a firmware update for your iPhone, you can find problems in existing applications to download the official synchronization from the App Store. It involves the iTunes backup and synchronization application for the iPhone after downloading firmware updates. Meanwhile, jailbroken iPhone jailbreak application is now a serious problem in connection with the latest firmware update. Jailbroken iPhone started reinstalling all procedures and all applications through the Cydia jailbreak application or installer. It's a bad cycle. When Apple launched the latest firmware, the hacker community try to find appliance jailbreak, iPhone users with the latest firmware update that removes all the jailbreak apps, then you should use a jailbreak for the iPhone and re Install all the app via Cydia, one by one.
AptBackup is a backup and restore solution for iPhone with jailbreak. This application makes the process of re jailbreak install your favorite applications easier and faster. In fact, this application does not create a backup of native iPhone applications. AptBackup instead of developing a comprehensive list of applications installed via Cydia on your iPhone. ITunes will restore the list, it was restored after the firmware update. This jailbreak is a reserve list and is used to automatically install applications on your iPhone.
Should you find difficulty in using AptBackup from the user interface is fairly simple. Please note that this application does not return any application environment and data as opposed to iTunes.

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