Green Poison: Difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking the iPhone 5/4S/4

The new iPhone users tend to ask if there is a difference between the unlock and jailbreak the iPhone. In fact, doing both are almost the same procedure, the results shown by each different from the others. You can jailbreak a phone to unlock. However, you can unlock your phone is not released.
On a jailbroken iPhone, you are allowed to use third party applications. Cydia, installed on jailbreaking, you will discover a variety of third party applications. In non-jailbroken iPhone, the application can not be used. You will find the application by typing its name or search a category. Finding the jailbreak software is the most important right. And before you proceed with this process, make sure you keep a backup of your important data.
Jailbreak iPhone is no big deal. There are several disadvantages associated with it. Your warranty is void then unlock your phone. However, you can not jailbroken mode any time you want. Jailbreak releases are different. In an unlocked iPhone, you can use the SIM card of your choice. It will be useful when traveling abroad. You do not have to worry about spending too much on call. You can use any network service provider and select "pay by calling the package accordingly. Use reliable software to unlock the iPhone.

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