Green Poison: Free Apps for Your Jailbroken iPhone

When you manage to jailbreak your iPhone, which now has wide range of applications for download from Cydia. You'll have plenty of both free and paid apps via Cydia store. Below is a list of free applications for your iPhone with jailbreak.
While Apple claims to have video recording is only available in the 3G iPhone, this application is to record video in all versions of iPhone. The application looks great and decide that Apple has not approved in the App Store. For a free application, the screen displays an advertisement. It also indicates the amount of space available for video recording and time duration of recording video. The capture quality is not as big as the 3G, but enough light will certainly help to improve.
It is common that users often complain about iPhone's inability to run any application in the background. This introduction comes with a solution to this problem. You must hold down the 'Start' button, keeping the application open. However, programs running in the background will speed up your battery runs out. In fact, some applications will benefit from this history.
AT and T offers tethering feature to the iPhone because of concerns about network overload. Other companies allow you to tie an extra charge. The download of this application through Cydia for free, be allowed to connect the iPhone to jailbreak through USB connection or a wireless ad-hoc network. The application offers a 14-day free trial total.

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