Green Poison: Guide to Unlocking your iPhone 5/4S/4

Unlocking your iPhone 5/4S/4 - iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best gadgets of our time. However, it is not unlimited. Many users find it too difficult to use many restrictions on their use. However, all this can be eliminated if the jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. Both are legal and safe. Not to break the rules. Just be careful with this method.
The iPhone is locked for commercial purposes. Apple has a contract with a wireless carrier in particular. Apple allows users of the service provider to use the iPhone to its full potential. However, that does not mean that users of other service providers can not use the iPhone. This is where the role of the jailbreak and unlock and enter your unlock jailbreak your iPhone and you're ready to take advantage of widgets.
So how to unlock the iPhone? The first thing you do is download and install the latest version of iTunes is available online. Connect your iPhone to your laptop. Home iTunes. A backup any necessary files from the phone you are saved. Download the jailbreak or unlock an appropriate tool. Installing an application. Custom iPhone firmware must be returned. The next step will follow automatically. The phone will be updated with the new IOS and jailbreak you and all your applications will be returned as well. Then you're ready to enjoy your unlocked iPhone.

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