Green Poison: iOS 5 Beta 7 Released

Not even two weeks have passed since Apple released the beta 6 version of IOS 5, and since the company launched the beta 7. To install the update, simply go to Settings General Software>> Update. This download and install the update over the air. It only works if there is an iPhone with jailbreak. But if you're jailbroken, you can always upgrade through iTunes and update the air will not work.
This, of course, freedom for those who have a developer account. If you are not one of them, waiting patiently, to be announced soon.
Complete change log is as follows:
Icloud By creating an account, you can use the Apple ID email address you provided is complete and a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can transfer the account to icloud. You can find more information about icloud to: http://developer.apple.com/icloud
IOS 5, the video content on Web sites and applications that are enabled by default airplay.
IOS 5 airplay supports video through the AV Foundation.
Validation API
NEW: As the IOS version 5.0 beta 7 tool for development, it is possible to extract the API used by applications and which is verified for the personal use of the API. This option is offered during the verification.
Apple TV
Apple TV beta software enables the user to reflect the contents of the iPhone 2 to Apple TV (2nd generation) with rotated. A beta version of the software also allows the Photo Gallery on Apple TV so users can access the pictures stored in icloud. Apple TV software is provided for beta testing the latest functionality with IOS airplay five applications and websites. To install the beta version of Apple TV software on your device, you must first register your device IOS UDID Developer Program Portal.
Settings can not remember for the slideshow presentation (if played on the issue of Reflections). Screen saver settings to behave correctly.
Binary Compatibility
In applications related to IOS 5.0 SDK, scroll to see the content is not offset is rounded to the important pixels in a pinching motion.
Birthday calendar not currently available through the website icloud.com or Windows. Available in the future.
Core Images
Some filters have been added since beta 1. The current list now includes the following filters: CIAdditionCompositing, CIAffineTransform, CICheckerboardGenerator, CIColorBlendMode, CIColorBurnBlendMode, CIColorControls, CIColorCube, CIColorDodgeBlendMode, CIColorInvert, CIColorMatrix, CIConstantColorGenerator CIColorMonochrome, CICrop, CIDarkenBlendMode, CIDifferenceBlendMode, CIExclusionBlendMode, CIExposureAdjust, CIFalseColor, CIGammaAdjust, CIGaussianGradient, CIHardLightBlendMode, CIHighlightShadowAdjust, CIHueBlendMode CIHueAdjust, CILightenBlendMode, CILinearGradient, CILuminosityBlendMode, CIMaximumCompositing, CIMinimumCompositing, CIMultiplyBlendMode, CIMultiplyCompositing, CIOverlayBlendMode, CIRadialGradient, CISaturationBlendMode, CIScreenBlendMode, CISepiaTone, CISoftLightBlendMode, CISourceAtopCompositing, CISourceInCompositing, CISourceOutCompositing, CISourceOverCompositing, CIStraightenFilter, CIStripesGenerator, CITemperatureAndTint, CIToneCurve , CIVibrance, CIVignette and CIWhitePointAdjust
iBooks 1.2.2 can not display some text or pictures in books. Please upgrade to 1.3 App Store iBooks.
Backup icloud
If you enable backup icloud backup, automatically synchronize with iTunes for the disabled. We also recommend that you manually back to your device with iTunes. Backup made with previous versions of IOS beta 5 soon to be conflicting, and is no longer available. We highly recommend an upgrade to IOS version beta 5 to continue investing in their devices.
icloud storage
NEW: As IOs 5 beta 7, the requirements for the specification of the chain container ID of the right in its application has changed. Each container identification code that does not include a wildcard must match exactly the set identifier of published applications using the same application identification equipment. You are not required to include the right to match your own application package ID, for example, lite and pro versions of applications you can determine both the ID application package to share the same bowl. Requirements for containers include a wildcard character identifier is not changed, but you may need to update after changing the ID of the non-wildcard wildcard identifier to match the right application of new rules.
NEW: This beta version of IOS 5.0, the number of times an application can synchronize a rapid succession of servers is reduced. If you are debugging your application and want to see if your synchronization request is suppressed, call - [NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore _printDebugDescription] directly in gdb techniques. Remember - [NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore _printDebugDescription] is SPI so it is advisable not to use your application.
Sa KVS, a major limitation is increased to 64 MB (to match the limitations of the application), and the maximum number of keys was increased to 256.
During the beta period IOS 5, documents stored on the server may be periodically cleaned before GM. Therefore, quite recommended that you store important documents or information to the server.
Provisioning profiles will no longer be active in the supply icloud Portal IOS. All new Provisioning profiles developed are now automatically eligible for icloud. If you use the Xcode team managed Provisioning profile, click Update to Xcode Organizer icloud to get a new profile is activated. For all other icloud Provisioning profiles only regenerate their profile IOS Provisioning gateway.
If your application uses NSMetadataQuery class, you need to develop a compound, the compound is now respected. However, the compound is a compound of NSPredicate style, not the compound spotlight examples of this style is used as a place 'for wildcard matching. The difference is defined in more detail:
In this beta, setSortDescriptors: NSMetadataQuery method is not supported.
To use icloud new beta 5, you must manually mention the container to manage multiple (range of applications to see you) in a file it right on two Mac OS X and IOS projects.Starting beta 5, to allow icloud storage in their applications, just click "Turn Right" checkbox on the page summary of your project panel. Xcode will create a custom task to your project automatically include the cost of equipment. You can add more value than container icloud required by your application. (Note that you must rebuild the profile of the existing supply, either Xcode or IOS procurement Portal, to use the storage icloud.) If you specify a custom string identifier for the key-value or icloud Container Store icloud exact value, no need to put the value of equipment at the beginning of the beads. Xcode starts with the number of team entries automatically
String identifier of containers that enter URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: NSFileManager method should include identification of equipment at the beginning of the beads. For your convenience, if you spend anything, Foundation uses the ID specified in the application right the first container.
There is a problem in Cloud Storage API document with substance data, which can cause data corruption.
In this beta, the hosts file (the object to adoption of the protocol NSFilePresenter) do not receive some messages that should receive, in particular:
You can fix this by applying relinquishPresentedItemToWriter: procedure and check to see if the author really write when presents the curve to obtain.
Presenters receive files presentedItemDidChange: message in the beta version.
While reporting a bug related to storage interface icloud, please include the records obtained during a debugging session. To produce the records, you should install the debug debug profile http://connect.apple.com device.The special profile can be obtained. This page allows the generation of debug logs that are needed to assess the storage problems icloud. Instructions for collecting notes:
Install profile. (The easiest way to do this is to email it to yourself and open an attachment to your device.)
Copy the error.
Sync iTunes to get the notes from the device.
Attach notes to your bug report. You can find the log in ~ / Library / log / CrashReporter / MobileDevice / DeviceName / DiagnosticLogs.
Log can grow very quickly, so you have to delete the profile after a reproducible problem and make notes for the bug report.
The filename is case sensitive OS X, but in IOs case sensitive. This can cause problems when you synchronize files between the two. You must take action to avoid making the IOS file name is different just in case.
Find My iPhone
After the upgrade OTA Find My iPhone does not work. To be functional you can change the look of my iPhone off configuration.
NEW: Auto-coincides with a view controller in turn does not work. Invite themselves directly or part of the API can be used as a solution.
As per data from the turn-based games are currently limited to 4 KB of data.
Fixed: The event is passed to delegate when on is made in the game, not just when on the local player.
IMessage beta 1 is not able to communicate with users IMessage beta 2 or later.
Fixed: Setup Assistant does not Apple provide a password as input to FaceTime IMessage.
Interface Builder
Fixed: When editing the value of restrictions on the inspectors, the restrictions remain selected, and the plot continues to hold the view as selected.
In Xcode 4.2 point of view when copied (either in a single view or multiple views) for both user-defined restrictions directly to the selected display and user-defined barrier between the view that copied to the table.
Changing the style of an object segment NSSegmentedControl "Auto" may fail in Auto design document cocoa. To overcome this problem by using explicit style segments, such as Ronda or texture, and at runtime, change the style of the segment with automatic mode setSegmentStyle: procedure.
NEW: When trying to restore your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch running the 3rd generation Beta 6-7 through iTunes, you must configure the device in DFU mode, or you can update OTA Beta 7. To enter DFU mode, you will:
Connect your USB devices to your Mac
Turn off the device.
Launch iTunes on your Mac
Press the Start button and for 10 seconds.
Press the Start button, but release the power button.
Hold the Home button for 13 seconds or until the device is displayed in iTunes.
ITunes version is equipped with beta 7 is not able to synchronize the device has installed software beta 6. To avoid this problem, do the following:
Synchronization device installed the beta 6 version of iTunes when it comes to beta 6.
ITunes upgrade to version 7 beta coming.
Connect the device and install the beta software 7. (I understand that you can see the lack of synchronization errors the first to connect to the device.)
After installing the software in beta 7, restore the backup created in step 1.
Change the host name of the e-mail account, messages can be viewed in white on a unified inbox. To overcome this problem, remove and re-add an account instead of changing the host name.
When you delete a song or music video / video device lock application.
Fixed: After lighting the stage, if lighting is enabled or not, the amount of color produced is not subject to GLKit / GLKEffects whole is GLKLightingTypePerPixel GLKLightingTypePerVertex or effect. Therefore it is not uncommon to see the lighting difference between the two, especially when some lights are activated. This is different from OpenGL 1.1 held by the color value after a period of enlightenment, if light is enabled.
OTA software updates
Users who install the IOS 5 beta 6 planes IOS 5 beta 3 should first delete all content and settings by selecting Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings to install the IOS 5 beta 7 on air. It affects not only users who upgrade to IOS 5 beta 4.
If you do a software update OTA, you need iTunes to sync with your photos. "
Fixed: There may be some cases where the purchase of App Store or iTunes Store apparently stalled because device is downloading something in the background. One solution is to remove the device from power (unplug the device).
NEW: If you have a set of passwords, must be removed before upgrading 7 seed from the previous seed. You can re-enable after the upgrade is complete. Otherwise, you may need to re-IMessage enabled in configuration.
Fixed: If the reminder of synchronization is disabled for a Yahoo account and no collection of hints to the server, you are constantly being created by the phone. Because Yahoo is a server error, the collection is displayed as a calendar of events.
Certified companies in IOS 5.0 does not support MD5 signatures. Please make sure that the certificate using the SHA1 algorithm, and signature based SHA2.
Location services do not work in IOS 4.3 simulator runs on Mac OS 10.7 in Xcode 4.2.
Push notifications and local applications appear to notice the new IOS Center 5. Alert Center displays a notification that "unread." To accommodate local notices to push and have-nots "unread" state, developers can use your account to activate the application of a clear signature Center Notification Notification. When an application that cleans its flagship account (by setting to zero), five take notice Notice IOS Center.
UI automation
There is a known issue when using the API to interface performTaskOnHost script automation. If the work is performed in the API output in excess (for example, thousands of lines of text) to standard output or standard error, the task may be a deadlock until the time limit is reached, where time to throw a javascript.
Keys () and unlock () function is replaced with a lockForDuration UIATarget (<seconds>) function.
IOS 5 Beta 2, you can now trigger the execution of scripts that automate the IOS interface device from the host terminal through the instrument. Syntax is:
instrument-heavy devices> <id <template> <Application>
When using the CLI tools to automate the user interface can now target the default template automation and approve the script and the way the environment variable with choices. For example:
W-instrument devices> <id-ee-t <Application> <<script> UIASCRIPT road UIARESULTSPATH results>
Sa IOS 5.0 will not send its pickerView UIPickerView: didSelectRow: inComponent: Message burdens selected for the program.
IOS 5 beta 3, exclusiveTouch UIControl property returns to its original default value NO.
Return zero tableView: viewForHeaderInSection: Techniques (or equivalent footer) is not enough to hide the header. You need to change the tableView: heightForHeaderInSection: 0.0 and re-hide the header.
IOS Beta 5, UITableView class has two methods for transferring cells from one line to another with the specified parameters. API:
moveSection: toSection:
moveRowAtIndexPath: toIndexPath:
Using UIWebView class in Interface Builder, set the background color will be transparent to IOS 5. Developers compile against the new SDK can try XIB UIWebView for transparent setting.
IOS 5 Beta, UINavigationBar implementation, and UITabBar UIToolbar changed drawRect: method is called on instance of this class, unless implemented in a subclass. Application is given drawRect: category class is the drawRect: method is unknown. UIKit bound to continue to examine this method is called IOS 5-related applications before, but not compatible with the design of IOS 5 or later. Application can be:
Using the API customization bar IOS 5 and later, which is the preferred method.
UINavigationBar subclass (or other type of bar) and overwrite the drawRect: in a subclass.
The indexPathForRow: inSection: Method, section, row and is now using NSInteger NSIndexPath NSUInteger area, so this type of agreement with the procedures specified in the UITableView.
We have changed the behavior scrollToRowAtIndexPath: atScrollPosition: animation, so now UITableViewScrollPositionBottom UITableViewScrollPositionTop and adjust the top and bottom of contentInset property.
NEW: IOS 5 versions prior, UIPopoverController class unconditionally set the automatic resizing mask display controller driver to view the content of Parents popover. Also unconditionally opinion UINavigationController mask AutoSize view controllers push something that is the driver to view the content of popover controller.In IOS 5.0, UIPopoverController not do it for the class of applications related to IOS 5.0 or later. Developers should ensure that auto-correct view of the size of the mask is configured to allow arbitrary size in a container, not just bagels. A mask (UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleWidth iOS 5.0 SDK supports both iOS 4.3 and iOS 5.0 simulators.

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