Green Poison: iPhone 4 4.3.3 3GS 3G 4.2 4.1 4.0 Jailbreaking/Unlocking – Why and How

If you have an iPhone, you know about the limitations imposed by Apple. Which are limited to using third-party applications. You must follow the same theme and wallpaper that Apple gives you. They are not allowed to watch videos downloaded from YouTube on the iPhone. And the list goes on. To remove all the limitations, you have to jailbreak your iPhone.
IPhone users are often asked if the jailbreak is illegal. The answer is no. Jailbreak is not illegal. It was approved by the Copyright Act in the United States. Although Apple inhibits the jailbreak, not see it as a violation. The only disadvantage is associated with loss of warranty. Immediately after jailbreak your iPhone, does not void the warranty.
Strict rules in European countries. If the iPhone does not work properly and shows that the jailbreak has no role to play in it, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of the guarantee, in some cases.
Jailbreaking unlocking and opening a new dimension to use the iPhone. To unlock the iPhone will accept other SIM cards. You can go to the service provider of their choice. Jailbreak to use more enjoyable. Both the safe unlock jailbreak. Just make sure you use the appropriate method, the corresponding software and firmware, as appropriate. Better safe than sorry in expensive devices like the iPhone.

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