Green Poison: iPhone Unlock And Fix of 3G 2.2

iPhone Unlock - iPhone users can use the program to unlock the iPhone yellowsn0w designed specifically for the iPhone 3G is 2.2 of the operating system. How? Firet, download and install a program to unlock the iPhone to your desktop. The program includes the QuickPwn jailbreak or pwned Windows QuickPwn tool. After completing the installation process, restart the PC.
Now is the time to connect the cable for the iPhone 3G and plug the other end into the USB port of your PC. ITunes will be launched by pressing the "Start" and "All Applications" menu. Click the 3G icon in the "backup" Select the menu. Then run the program opens ihone clicking "Start" and "All Applications". go to a new screen and repeat this action.
In the new screen, select "Add Cydia" and click "Next" to move to a new screen. perform again in the new screen. Wait and then exit the program after the appearance of a confirmation window. Tap the icon called "Cydia on your iPhone screen and the patient 3G to reboot. Again, press the "Cydia" again, and then select "User".
At the bottom of the screen, press the "Government" and "Edit" on the screen and press Enter http://apt9.yellowsn0w.com/. Click the "Add Source", "Search" on the screen. Enter "yellowsn0w" text field "Search." Go to a new screen by pressing the program under the "Search" tab. Install the program and then restart 3G.
In addition to the process of opening the iPhone, click the 3G icon in the iTunes Select "Restore backup" and wait. Take into iTunes and then finished and click the 3G icon and select "Eject". The process of opening the iPhone to do.

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