Green Poison: Jailbreak iPhone 3gs

Jailbreak iPhone 3gs - Apple has its own ways to make your unique gadget that can get more benefits from it. There is nothing wrong really, but why do we have to pay more if we can get for free?
There are some disturbing questions in relation to blocking some features of iPhone 3G. Fortunately there is a way to unlock Iphone 3G functions, ie, jailbreak the iPhone. It's totally free, but there are some risks behind it. The risk starts from the fact that 3G iPhone will void the warranty depends on your phone to be totally dead. Sounds pretty scary are not? In fact, if you know how this process is quite safe. But as a normal user, what can we do?
This iPhone jailbreak process requires some knowledge and make sure you have enough knowledge before continuing. First you need to find the original firmware version of your phone. Second search through the Internet and find a modified firmware that can unlock all the limitations of your phone. After finding it, you must download a software called QuickPwn. This software allows you to replace the original firmware modified. Remember to make backups of important data before continuing the process of jailbreaking the iPhone.
Then just follow the instructions of the software. Make sure you have read the entire tutorial. It is recommended to join some forums about this process of jailbreak in order to give your greater knowledge on how to do it.
Remember, the iPhone jailbreak process has its own risks. Finally, only do it if you know how.

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