Green Poison: The Most Favorite Jailbreak Apps for Your iPhone

While this is difficult to say which is the best application must be installed to jailbreak your iPhone, it may be easier to say that only your favorite applications. To say that the best application can be complicated because what is good for one user may not be suitable or sufficient for others. Although everyone can not be in line with the spectacle of the best application for jailbroken iPhone, you are able to agree on what their favorite applications.
This article will give a short list of applications jailbreak the iPhone, users are gaining popularity due to the function, creativity, and other aspects that can be very personal.

  • MyWi. This will allow iPhone applications to share the Internet connection became an access point.
  • Background and winding. They took the multitasking capabilities of your iPhone as you can switch between running applications.

  • VoIPover3G. This application can be deceiving iPhone applications that thinks it's a Wi-Fi zone, with only the use of 3G or EDGE.
  • ProSwitcher. It gives you a nice user interface for the background.
  • InfiniDock and MultiIconMover. The first mentioned application adds an icon both in the spring, while the second allows you to move icons simultaneously.
  • Bosspaper. Application is a wallpaper manager powerful allowing you to have total control over the existing wallpaper.
  • Winterboer. This application lets you customize many aspects is in its iPhone.

Want to find your favorite list of jailbreak applications?

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