Green Poison: Restore Your Jailbroken iPhone through Recovery Mode

Your iPhone can officially run applications on the iTunes download from the App Store. Meanwhile, you can use the software and tools developed by some third-party developers to jailbreak the iPhone so you can add your own applications. Procedures Jailbreak iPhone modify the core software, so that the process contains the risk of voiding the warranty of the iPhone. However, if you face any problem due to the implementation of procedures for jailbreak, or the need to restore the native software, you can use recovery mode on your iPhone.
This article will guide you step by step to carry out the restoration process for your unlocked iPhone in recovery mode.
First, connect the iPhone USB sync cable from your computer. Then, keep the 'dream' button for about five seconds. Now the iPhone is off by sliding slider can be found on the home screen of your iPhone. Then, when you have your iPhone home screen displaying the iTunes icon and a USB cable, it's time to drop the 'Start' button. Launch iTunes and click OK when the alert asks you. Playing in the "Summary" tab in iTunes, you should find the "Restore" button. You can choose the iPhone settings if desired. Then click "Restore" when prompted. The process of restoring your jailbroken iPhone will start and take a while to complete. Click "OK" when iTunes tells you that the restore process is complete.
The outcome, will see no difference between the restored iPhone that was never released.

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