Green Poison: Restoring Your iPhone from Jailbreak

As Apple began a campaign to punish the user running the application on the iPhone jailbreak is equipped with the new IOS, which is due to the needs of several techniques to restore iPhone to factory default settings. This means that the procedure will remove the iPhone jailbreak earlier.
You can enjoy more functionality the iPhone with jailbreak. However, 4 IOs may be able to enjoy the efficiency of more features without changing their software. IOS is given four multitasking, folders, wallpaper and many other features that users have been dreaming about for so long. Actions taken to reduce the jailbreaking procedure there. If you have applied the IOS pack 4 or download iTunes 9.2, Apple does not have a mechanism that is inserted in the package to see the use of non-standard software on the iPhone.
Fortunately, there is also a mechanism to restore your iPhone to jailbreak their factory default settings. It's easy instructions. Most software comes in 'safe mode' of a jailbreak. All you need to do is sync the iPhone with jailbreak in safe mode. Be sure to backup your files before restoration method. Then you can download the latest version of IOS on the iPhone. And you're ready to go. This process will take several hours to complete.
AT and T has also requested some changes to reduce the use of the jailbreak. This is another reason for you to return to the IOS standard.

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