Green Poison: SleepDepriver for IOS

SleepDepriver - It Happens Many Times That You are doing something on your iDevice and Suddenly it dims, and After A Few more seconds, it locks Itself Automatically. This is particularly annoying when to you are reading something on the internet or on your iDevice Going Through Some ebook.
To Avoid this, You Can Disable the autolock feature, But There is still the problem of dimming. And if you want to toggle All These Every Time you go online to read a web page or When You Are About to read an ebook, Then You Have to do at least 5 to 8 steps of procedure, and this is just not possible.
But now, There is No Need To take this much of pain, There Is a new tweak in the Cydia app store Which does just this for you, and Its Called the SleepDepriver. Does your SleepDepriver Even let's screen from dimming iDevices. Very useful you say? Then why not try it?
SleepDepriver is available for free in the Cydia app store.

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