Green Poison: Sparrow Making Its wWay for iPhone

If you are a Mac user, you're probably familiar with the email client Sparrow. One of the best available for the Mac platform, and according to recent reports, Sparrow has already sold 50,000 copies of the software for the Mac platform but that is not the news here. It has been reported to the internet that Sparrow is planning on taking the application for the iPhone.
BusinessInsider had a conversation with Dominique Leca, co-founder of the popular email client, about this rumor to confirm it, and below is part of the conversation:
"BI: Is not one of the rules of Apple's mobile application store that you can not" duplicate functionality "?
DL: Yes, but on the Mac, you really can not be applied, so you have a way out. Software license can not be considered a rogue developer, which can be in Cydia.
Developers have been selling Mac applications long before the MAS was introduced, while for most people, just want to get content in an iPhone directly through the App Store. It was a garden from scratch.
Let's see what happens with Sparrow for the iPhone. We are starting this, but still very, very far. But let's give it a try, Apple will be with us.
BI: Do you think it will pass?
DL: I think well. Browsers are accepting of others, why not email? This would be really inconsistent. Opera has a browser out there, and I think Mozilla has one coming too.
So what do you think? Will the application be approved? If so, you get it on the iPhone, but no entry for free? Lets keep coming.

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