Green Poison: Sprint Is Supposed To Offer iPhone 5 Along With Unlimited Data Plan

The launch of the iPhone 5 is fast approaching and although no one knows the exact launch date, the steps taken by the operator can promise that the iPhone 5 hit the market earlier than later. All four major U.S. carriers including Sprint will offer the latest next-generation iPhone next-generation operating system. This means that more options are available for iPhone users bored with a single syndrome contract carrier.
The new buzz is that Sprint operators plan to offer unlimited data plan with iPhone 5 to get more customers. Like AT and T is very well established as a carrier of the iPhone, and Vodafone has gained market share itself, it is not surprising that Sprint is part of the interest in reaching iPhone users.
A common complaint of iPhone users is the availability of the phone is limited by restrictions on Internet bandwidth provided by the operator. If you started using the iPhone outside of Wi-Fi network, you have to pay a hefty sum of money each month to download different things.
Sprint plans to introduce an unlimited data plan with a fixed monthly fee is really scary. While other airlines can not really leave them offering unlimited plans, Sprint has an advantage because it will continue to offer the plan. Sprint is known to operate at a loss due to the unavailability of the phone offers a wonderful and now, with of the iPhone 5 and unlimited data plan, your company must have to get ahead in the race.

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