Green Poison: Unlocking iPhone 3G Using a TurboSIM

If you can find a way to unlock the iPhone 3G, this article will guide you step by step to make it through a TurboSIM. When you have completed the instructions, you can use the wireless network provider with an existing SIM card.
You must first buy a TurboSIM. Price should be around $ 10. Once you have the TurboSIM, open iPhone SIM card slot. You can use the paper clip to make the launch of SIM card and pop cradle. It is necessary to remove the existing SIM card.
Then, you have to enter the TurboSIM card holder. TurboSIM should be oriented the same as the old SIM card is removed. Place another SIM card from another wireless carrier at the top of the TurboSIM. You will lead six conductor protruding handle a new SIM card. TurboSIM card may require a small incision in the chip attached to your SIM card. Looking to cut its plastic material, is not a big problem.
You now have a sandwich and TurboSIM SIM card. You will carefully insert the sandwich in the slot. Rotate the iPhone 3G. You must say you have no services. Do not panic. TurboSIM is doing a wonderful job. Wait a few minutes and iPhone unlock. And, you're ready to make phone calls on each operator that you want.

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