How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Gevey SIM

Gevey SIM Jailbreak
You can jailbreak your iPhone 4S running on IOS 5 help Gevey SIM. Gevey SIM is not compatible with the iPhone baseband 1.0.11 4s. However, you can use the SIM card to unlock iPhone 4 basebands Gevey in some particular. iPhone 4S SIM unlock Gevey must be available at any time next month. Just wait for some time. However, you can use to unlock the iPhone 4 running IOS 4 and 4:11:08 baseband.
iPhone 4S Gevey SIM Jailbreak
First, you must restore the iPhone 4 to this custom firmware is now in jailbreaking it. Keep an unlockable band and the creation of a state that is compatible with the iPhone 4 in the IOS 5. You can use redsn0w 0.9.9b5 to restore IPSW iOS 5 to unlock baseband and maintain. Now, lets you use unlocking iPhone 4 SIM Gevey running IOS 5.
iPhone 4S Jailbreak Gevey SIM
Jailbreak help Gevey SIM Turbo SIM known as jailbreaking, you must connect iPhone to your computer and then open the version of redsn0w mentioned above. You need to get a custom IPSW file. When finished, put the iPhone into DFU mode. Quit iTunes and open redsn0w 10.5. Your iPhone will enter recovery mode messages. ITunes now point to the custom IPSW firmware IOS 5. Now you can use a SIM card and unlock and jailbreak Gevey the success of the iPhone 4 in iOS 5.

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