MuscleNerd iOS 5 Jailbreak for iPhone 4S

MuscleNerd iPhone 4S Jailbreak
The iPhone 4S is the latest edition of Apple's iPhone. You also get Apple's iPhone IOS 5. So the question is if you have to jailbreak the iPhone 4S IOS 5. The answer is a resounding yes. I0n1c previously reported that the untethered jailbreak in IOS 5 immediately removed by the dev team chronic. The news of victory came from MuscleNerd, which is an active member of the Chronic Dev Team. It is confirmed that the iPhone 4S IOS can now be released.
Jailbreak iPhone 4S with MuscleNerd
The jailbreak community that makes the world updated through social networking sites like Twitter. It was through Twitter that the world will learn about the success of the jailbreak iPhone 4S. No mention if you get a tethered or untethered jailbreak. One can understand that will take some time before being released for public download. However, you can bet it will be released soon. If the report is created, it will take less than a month to make publicly available jailbreak.
iOS 5 Jailbreak MuscleNerd
MuscleNerd even send a picture from a jailbroken iPhone 4s in iOS 5. Figure 2 jailbroken iPhone also posted on social networking sites. Just to be a little patient. You can get the latest gadget that certainly jailbreak soon. Then you can use in the best capacity.

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