How to Quickly and Easily Send Files to Your SkyDrive in Windows

We have already shown you how you can share external folders with your SkyDrive, but what if you actually want to copy a file or folder into your SkyDrive folder? Of course copying and pasting is nowhere near geeky enough, so here’s how to add a SkyDrive entry to the Send to menu.

Creating a SkyDrive Link in the Send To Menu

The first thing we need to do is open the path for where the “Send to” shortcuts are stored, so press the Windows + R keyboard combination to open a run box and type “shell:sendto” then hit enter.

When the explorer window open you will see all the items that appear in your “Send to” menu. We are going to create a new entry so click new item –> shortcut, if you are running Windows 7, right click and choose new –> shortcut.

For the location of the item, enter:


Then click next.

SkyDrive is a decent name for our shortcut , so just click Finish.

Voila, like magic you can send stuff to your SkyDrive, quickly and easily.

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