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email Apple has free Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on 28 August. So, at petroleum time we transport the installation direct of new Mac OS X Snow Leopard for users. Before preliminary the procedure of fitting we optional to rear up by means of significant data.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Installation Process

Close each obsession on by means of Mac for instance apps, windows, records etc. construct are opened

Step 1

Insert Mac OS X Snow Leopard, DVD. The ,next casement determination appear, clack on Install Mac OS X option


Step 2

In ,next Window, to set up the fitting of Snow Leopard clack Continue to go further


Step 3

Click on Agree button to believe license agreement


Step 4

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Here, it recreation the hard drive site anywhere the Mac OS X Snow Leopard determination reside following installation. You can customize the fitting by clicking on Customize button and following customization clack on Install button


Step 5

Click Install to be conventional the process


Step 6

Enter by means of Password to proceed the fitting procedure and clack OK


Step 7

Now, the fitting determination be start. It may about 60 notes and restart by means of scheme on one occasion automatically, throughout the process


Step 8

On the completion of Mac OS X installation, you'll see a Thank You casement as following


So, go in front and upgrade by means of understanding to Mac OS X Snow Leopard by,by means of on top of Snow Leopard fitting guide and enjoy.

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