How to Use Bluetooth Headset with Mac | Mac OS X

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email If you contain a bluetooth headset for by means of mobile phone after that you can use the similar headset by means of by means of Mac computer as well. So to use Bluetooth headset by means of Mac computer go after the technique written below. This direct is shaped by,by means of Mac OS X Snow leopard.

Use Bluetooth headset by means of Mac


Click on “Mac” icon and select “System Preference”.

System Preferences


Click on “Bluetooth” icon.


Click on “Setup new device” button to discover bluetooh devices (make certain bluetooth headset is turned on/discoverable).

set up new bluetooth device Mac


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Select the Bluetooth headset person's name and clack on “Continue” button.

Bluetooth devices found


If by means of Bluetooth headset paired productively after that you determination petroleum communication as exposed below. Click “Quit” button.

Device paired


Select the Bluetooh headset and clack on settings icon after that select suitable alternative as demonstrate below.

Use Bluetooth as headset


You determination see the Bluetooth is linked now presentation green minute icon.

Bluetooth headset connected


Now engage in recreation a number of audio/video and create sure the Bluetooth headset is working.

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