Unlock Windows Phone 7 with ChevronWP7 | Windows Phone 7

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email Now you can unlock Windows Phone 7 with no Marketplace file account. Chevronwp7 run to expand petroleum unlock tool for Windows Phone 7.

Unlock Windows Phone 7Chevronwp7.exe is now easy executable folder to unlock Windows Phone 7 devices. Just connect by means of WP7 device by means of computer and do few clack to unlock the device. This unlock tool is secure and you can re-lock by means of WP7 device on one occasion more if you want.

Unlock Windows Phone 7 by means of  ChevronWP7

Download chevronwp7 executable folder and Unlock Windows Phone 7

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Mirror-1: http://www.multiupload.com/4T7AYFWLSZ
Mirror-2: http://walshie.me/ChevronWP7.exe

In container of any error appreciate writing bureaucrat notes underneath or leave a comment.

Official Notes

  • If you’re encountering a connection error (you don’t contain the Windows Phone SDK installed), try download/install the ,next registry key and restart by means of mechanism after that try again
  • Minimum supported OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Please create sure by means of device has a “full sync” relationship by means of the Zune client, not a “guest” relationship
As petroleum is our primary release, you may run eager on issues. Please let us be acquainted with in the comments if petroleum tool worked/didn’t labor for you (with pertinent scheme information).

Expect additional goodies/tools to be free in the close to future.

We seem forward to come again? the broader collection of people can do by means of this.

- Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, Long Zheng

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