Transfer Emails From Outlook to Apple Mail | Emails From Windows to Mac | Mac OS X

email If you contain in the clouds as of Windows to Mac or now desire to transfer Outlook emails to Apple Mail due to any cause after that you are at the correct place. I mark petroleum direct by,by means of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and hopefully petroleum mechanism on additional OS versions of Windows and Mac as well.

Outlook and Apple Mail fake not hold up a ordinary mail folder arrangement so we determination use Thunderbird on Windows a gratis email request to transfer our Outlook emails eager on Apple Mail or transfer emails as of Windows to Mac.

Steps on Windows:


  • First we require to transfer emails as of Outlook to Thunderbird and after that to Apple Mail
  • Download Thunderbird for Windows, install it and Run it.


Click on “Tools” menu and select “Import” option.



Select the alternative come again? you desire to import, as i select “Mail” alternative to bring in emails as of Outlook and clack “Next” button.



Select “Outlook” alternative and hit “Next” button. Wait for a as,at the same time as and let the Thunderbird to import emails shape Outlook and hit “Finish” button at what time it complete the bring in process.




Now you can see all Outlook emails imported to Thunderbird productively beneath “Outlook Import” folder, as exposed in the screenshot below. You can see the “Inbox” obvious 4 emails.



  • Now we require to be acquainted with the site of petroleum “Outlook Import” file to transfer it as of Windows to Mac.
  • Right clack on the “Outlook Import” file and select “Properties” option.


  • See the file trail and unlock petroleum location.

Copy the file “Outlook Import.sbd” to a storage space device similar to USB and transfer it to the Mac rapidly or See how to split records recognized by Mac and PC.


Steps on Mac:


You can see that there's practical value in learning more about Transfer Emails From Outlook to Apple Mail | Emails From Windows to Mac. Can you think of ways to apply what's been covered so far?

Now we contain emails file on Mac so as to we transfered as of PC (Windows) and prepared to import emails eager on the Apple Mail.



Run Apple Mail on by means of Mac, clack “File” menu and select “Import Mailboxes” option.



Select “Thunderbird” and hit “Continue” button.



Choose the emails file “Outlook Import.sbd” so as to we contain derivative as of PC (Windows) and hit the “Choose” button.



Hit the “Done” button at what time bring in procedure over by the Apple Mail.



Now you can see all emails are imported eager on a new “Inbox” file beneath the “Import” file in Apple Mail, so you contain productively imported the Outlook emails eager on Apple Mail.



If you want, you can go,shift as,at the same occasion as emails to the “Inbox” file of Mailbox so as to you contain by now configured on Apple Mail.

Select the “Inbox” file beneath “Import” file so as to you contain imported, press cmd + a keys shape keyboard to select all emails and after that clack and drag all emails to the Mailbox “Inbox” file of by means of Apple Mail.


If you are opposite any difficulty to transfer emails as of viewpoint to Apple Mail fell gratis to converse about in comments below, if it mechanism for you after that leave a note!

See also:

  • Transfer emails as of Outlook Express to Outlook 2007
  • Transfer emails as of Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail
  • Move emails Outlook to Thunderbird
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