How to Install Flash on iPhone 4 | iPhone

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email If you desire to install Flash on iPhone 4, present is Flash account obtainable to install on iPhone 4 named as Frash by the author Comex. Lets see how to install Flash (Frash) on iPhone 4.

NOTE: Your iPhone have to be jailbroken already, and try it at by means of own risk.

Install Flash on iPhone 4


Open Cydia on you iPhone, Tap “Manage” tab, Tap “Source” button.



Tap “Edit” button on top right, tap “Add” button and enter the ,next repo URL http://repo.benm.at/ and tap “Add Source” button.

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After addition source, tap the big “return to Cydia” button at the base and after that “Done” button.


Tap “Search” tab and kind “Frash” in the search box. Tap Frash search consequence and install it.


You may become aware of Frash Toggle in search results, by,by means of petroleum you can enable/disable Frash via SBsettings toggle button.


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