iPhone 4S Features List | iPhone

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email Apple's new iPhone 4S moderator by means of a number of huge hardware and apps upgrade. Continue interpretation for the iPhone 4S new features.

iPhone 4S Features List | iPhone

Ask by means of clever assistant so as to can assist you get belongings done. Talk to Siri similar to a individual assistant, now ask and Siri tells you that. Siri construct phone calls, sends messages, be dressed in reminders and a great deal more.

Siri iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Features List | iPhone

Dual-core A5 chip
According to Apple its the the majority influential processor for iPhone ever.
Graphics: A5 Chip legal responsibility graphics 7 occasion faster
Performance: two era additional processing power
Battery: A5 chip and iOS 5 bring outstanding battery life

iPhone 4S A5 Chip

Image: 8-megapixel resolution by means of all new optics and a tradition lens by means of a better f/2.4 aperture. Auto pallid balance, higher color accuracy, face detection, and abridged motion blur.
Video: 1080p astonishing HD video recording and video stabilization.


iPhone 4S Camera

iPhone 4S Features List | iPhone

Easy to use the majority higher mobile OS counting lot of new skin and apps similar to Notification center, iMessage, Twitter Integration and see additional iOS 5 skin details

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The forever way to run all by means of stuff, iCloud food by means of music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents, and obtainable to correct of entry on all by means of iOS devices.

iPhone 4S Features List | iPhone

AirPlay Photo Stream

AirPlay Documents

Retina display
Highest-resolution phone monitor ever. you’ll become aware of crisp text, sharp graphics, and dramatic images.

Better face-to-face and still base by means of Siri, now tell Siri “FaceTime by means of Mom” and you demonstrate up, smile…

From little monitor to big one, what you see and do on by means of iPhone appears on by means of HDTV at the similar time.


Air Print
Print by means of email, photos, web pages, and ID,papers correct as of by means of iPhone in excess of Wi-Fi


Call it better, faster, and still additional worldly
Maximum Data Download Speeds (HSDPA) 14.4 Mbps.

[Images as of Apple]

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