Use iPhone as Hard Drive | Use iPhone as Wireless Hard Drive | iPhone

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email If you contain an iPhone after that you don't require to buy an outside drive for a usual use, you can use by means of iPhone as an wireless drive if computer and iPhone are on similar wireless network. Discover is a gratis app obtainable on the App Store so as to twist by means of iPhone eager on a wireless hard disk and you can correct of entry by means of information as of iPhone by,by means of Web Browser similar to Internet Explorer or Firefox or you can use WebDAV procedure to connect to by means of iPhone via Finder.


Open “App Store” app as of by means of iPhone, Search for “Discover” request and install it. Discover is gratis app for iPhone.



Run “Discover” app as of by means of iPhone. You determination see the ,next message, note downward the talk to of by means of iPhone and tap “OK” button.


Transfer records as of Windows/Mac


Now on by means of Windows / Mac computer unlock up the web youngster similar to IE, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome and kind the talk to of you iPhone so as to you contain noted downward in step-2 and hit the Enter key. If you forgot the address, tap the green glow icon in Discover app on by means of iPhone to see the address.

iPhone talk  to  to connect


How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Select the file also “Public” or “Private”, clack on “Add Files” button and select records so as to you desire to transfer as of by means of computer to iPhone.



All chosen records determination be scheduled in Upload Queue section, clack the “Upload all” button to create transferring records as of computer to iPhone.



You can see all records so as to you contain transferred determination be obtainable on by means of iPhone and you can sight the PDF/Image records correct in the “Discover” app.


You can setup password to protect the data, tap the Settings icon to see options.


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