SSH into iPhone 4 on Windows | Browse iPhone Files on PC | iPhone

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email Using OpenSSH on by means of iPhone you can browse iPhone files / folders as of by means of computer. Using SSH customer similar to WinSCP or Putty you can connect to the iPhone and copy files/folders easily. Lets see how to SSH eager on iPhone 4 on Windows. You can use petroleum direct on additional iPhone ver. 2G, 3G, 3GS as well.

How to SSH eager on iPhone

You have to contain an Jailbroken iPhone by means of SSH wrap up (see how to jailbreak iPhone 4)


Run Cydia as of you iPhone



Tap “Search” tab.


Type OpenSSH and tap the “OpenSSH”search result.



Tap “Install” > “Confirm” button to create installation.



When fitting over successfully, tap big “Return to Cydia” button and after that iPhone “Home” button to shut the Cydia app.



Your Computer and iPhone have to be linked to the similar WiFi connection and you require to be acquainted with the IP talk to of by means of iPhone.

Tap “Settings” icon on iPhone and after that “WiFi” option.

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Tap the blue arrow in front of WiFi connection so as to you are using.



Here you determination see the “IP Address” of by means of iPhone, Note downward petroleum IP address.



Now on you computer, Download WinSCP, install and run it.



Enter the IP Address of by means of iPhone in “Host name” book box so as to you contain noted downward in step-7

Enter root as a “User name” and alpine as a “Password” in present respective book boxes and hit the “Login” button. Make certain by means of iPhone and computer are on the similar wireless network.


This determination create authenticating procedure and ask to save security key.

After few place WinSCP determination demonstrate you the ,next directory of iPhone /private/var/root. You can use the fall downward and Up arrow file icon to find the way eager on the iPhone contents.


When you jailbreak by means of iPhone and install OpenSSH after that any one can correct of entry you iPhone scheme records and folders by,by means of the non-payment consumer origin and password. You have to alter origin password to protect you iPhone.

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