Green Poison: After an iPhone Jailbreak: How to Protect the Gadget?

The iphone jailbreak call involves reprogramming your smartphone to use the SIM card from any carrier. iPhone jailbreak or unlock Making void the warranty and limitations of several of the upgrades that you can do with it. Therefore, if a jailbroken iPhone, it is necessary to protect the gadget damage as well as software modifications that can undo the jailbreak.
So how to protect your gadget after jailbreak iPhone? For the initial stage, it is necessary to avoid updating their software to support the iPhone, which can undo the jailbreak iPhone makes it to block AT and T. Therefore, set the device to manually synchronize with Apple iTunes. The software on your iPhone jailbreak software is attached to the wearer of the device or operating system, which together comprise the firmware of your iPhone and incompatibility causes.
You must provide extra protection for your iPhone unlocked from physical damage. Remember that the iPhone voids the warranty jailbreak the device, and if you break your iPhone, you have to spend extra money for repairs. Above all, avoid dropping the smart device or let in water or high humidity, requiring replacement of expensive hard drive and screen.
Keep your iPhone jailbroken save everytime and everywhere to avoid being robbed. Unlocked iPhones are a treasure trove for thieves as smart phones can be used in the SIM card of any network, so you will be using the iPhone as their own.
Be careful when downloading applications from Cydia. Cydia offers applications beyond Apple'a authorization, which may contain malicious software that slow down the iPhone.

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