Green Poison: A Flaw Found in iOS

We all know that Apple makes every little thing in the best quality products, which is the product hardware or the operating system and applications running on these computers. Even the smallest details in hardware and software is responsible for the products before launching into the hands of customers. But now it seems that there are flaws in the operating system that runs on iPhone and iPod Touch. Yes, I'm talking about IOS.
In fact, not long after you start using an iPhone to notice how beautifully the IOS is made. The menu is beautiful and easy to understand. The animations are clear and terrible. And everything else the job perfectly well. But now, even with minds as Jony Ives and Scott Forstall, Apple seems to have left more than one defect surveillance.
And if you're now thinking about their safety and what you need to stop using the iPhone to stop compromising your privacy on the impressive productivity, you can stop worrying. This flaw is not security or privacy, it's just a design flaw in IOS that harms you in any way.
BusinessInsider pointed out an error in the IOS. This was observed in reality by Matt Binkowski, a graphic designer out of California. If you have used IOS created folders in the drawer of the application to adapt to the icons in a folder similar applications, like games, you will be familiar with the triangle in those folders. Have you ever noticed? You may have, at some point, but have not bothered to check properly. And I totally can understand if you've been using for IOS years and have not noticed the triangle because it has virtually no use.
But Matt seems to have given a lot of time for this, and found that this triangle is not properly seated in the center of the right of the icon, which is actually the fault that the entire blogosphere is talking about. You are crazy right now for wasting your time in reading about a triangle silly, but its surprising that a company works so hard to make the user interface for crisp, has lost something like this. The pixel outside the center of the triangle may not sound important, but other more important things that could be left out. What do you think?

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